6 years of saturn

6 years of Saturn observations were combined to create this animation showing the changing plane of the ring system as viewed from earth. The images used

to create this animation can be seen here. The final frame has been assembled from earlier 2009 observations to display how the planet will appear on

September 4th, 2009 when the rings will appear edge on. Saturn and the sun are separated by 11 degrees on Sept. 4 and the planet will be only 5 degrees above

the horizon at sunset... almost impossible to observe. In the fall of 2009 saturn will emerge from the glare of the sun in the early morning sky and provide

our first glimpse of its northern pole in 14 years.

Astro-Physics 10" mak/cass and DMK21AF04 camera. Image processing in Astro IIDC, Keith's Image Stacker and Adobe Photoshop.


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